9.3 hectare investment plot for sale

Dear investors, we are presenting a 9.3 hectare investment plot for sale. The plot is located just behind the new headquarters of AGRO-WIKT, neighboring directly with Caolin Sp. z o.o. and Opoczno S.A. plants. Separation of a part of the plot enables its location, as it is located at the intersection of the city’s northern beltway (Przemysłowa Street) with the access road to the Opoczyńska Industrial Zone.

The roperty offered: plot No. 397/30 located in Opoczno at Przemysłowa Street – industrial part of the city; It is possible to include the property in the Łódź Special Economic Zone
Land and mortgage register number: PT1O / 00046936/9
Area: 9.3 ha, leveled, ready for investment,
Purpose: the current spatial development plan: „Production development area, transport bases, and warehouses”,
Technical infrastructure: developed adjacent area: electricity, water, gas, sanitary sewage system,
Transport infrastructure: plot located at the northern city beltway. Road infrastructure: DK12 distance 4 km, DW716 – 1 km, S12 (planned) – 3 km, A1 – 48 km, S8 – 33 km.
Railway infrastructure: two railway sidings on route 25 along with the Opoczno railway station at a distance of 3 km from the property; Opoczno Południe train station at the Central Railway Main Line.
Sales options: Sale of a separate section of a plot of approximately 9.3 ha
Price for 1m 2 : Negotiable.

Contact for purchase: 603-882-414 , or 601-723-691 .

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