Concrete-mixers Agro-Wikt

AGRO-WIKT professional concrete mixers are available in a network of over 1200 European stores. The high quality of AGRO-WIKT concrete mixers is already available in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, and Moldova. Our factory in Poland uses 100% polish components, that guarantees many years of use, and a full set of spare parts, even for concrete mixers manufactured by us 20 years ago. Therefore, by deciding on our products, you not only gain the highest quality but also support the European economy.

Spare parts for agricultural machinery

From 1975, our company was associated with the production of agricultural machinery. For decades, we’ve been improving the technology for manufacturing spare parts. As a result, we have obtained a patent for the production of plowshares, and our innovative technology can be used today by farmers. Our replacement, spare parts are average half the price of the original products. We produce replacement of plowshares and parts for plows of type Unia, Kverneland, Lemken, Kuhn, PHX-Sukov, Vogel&Noot, Pöttinger, Grégoire-Besson, Overum. Follow our offer because this year we will release to the market new spare parts for agriculture machinery.

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