AGRO-WIKT concrete mixers & agriculture spare parts

The core activities of AGRO-WIKT center around manufacturing free-fall concrete mixers. Their quality is the keystone to the company’s development strategy. Our company was the first concrete mixers manufacturer to receive in 2003 the system quality certificate that conforms to PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 standards for „production and maintenance of concrete mixers.” The main objective is to satisfy clients by providing highly practical goods that match specific needs and expectations as well as quality standards. In order to guarantee top quality goods and services, we constantly improve applied technologies, run quality checks on used materials, interoperational controls as well as end-product controls. On top of that, successful endurance and safety tests guarantee that our products are strong, solid, safe and ergonomic. That’s why AGRO-WIKT was the first to introduce 2-year-guarantee on 320m3 and 260m3 concrete mixers. Currently, we are the only national manufacturer who offers concrete mixers with 3-year-guarantee on 160m3 130m3 models. As the manufacturer, we also offer warranty and post warranty services as well as provide spare parts for concrete mixers.

Our products make a stand-out due to their high quality, reliability and look.

Their good points include:

  • The longest guarantee period on the market – up to 3 years.
  • Top quality and looks
  • Reliable high-powered engines (drum can be charged when the engine is on)
  • Leak-proof flip gear that facilitates the drum inclination (gear elements are made from abrasion-resistant cast iron)
  • Solid, reliable and reinforced construction due to application of metal plates and sections of appropriate width
  • Finned drum bottom that increases the rigidity
  • Hermetic switches that guarantee safe working conditions
  • Large road wheels that enable quick concrete mixer relocation
  • Wide cast iron rim that can be adjusted vertically
  • Conic drum bearings and plain bearing shells from well-known manufacturers
  • Agitators placed in a way that guarantees maximal mixing effectiveness
  • We provide a full set of spare parts for our concrete mixers
  • AGRO-WIKT holds ISO 9001-2001 certificate

Where to buy Agro-Wikt concrete mixer?

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