Concrete mixer BWA-200/400

BWA-200/400 concrete mixeris indispensable on construction sites of housing estates, inventories and service points of small and medium companies. It is used for mixing cement, gravel, slag and water in a short working cycle in order to prepare concrete mixture and mortar. Concrete mixers are used for getting mixtures whose consistence ranges from liquid to plastic one.

Type BWA-200/400 unit of measurement
– height (H), 1600 mm
– width (W), 1150 mm
– min. length (L1) 1650 mm
– max. length (L2) 2200 mm
Charge height 1300 mm
Discharge height 550 mm
Full capacity 320 dm3
Working capacity 200 dm3
External drum diameter 770 mm
Charge hole diameter 390 mm
Concrete mixer’s drum revolutions per minute 28 obr/min
Capacity 3 m3/h
Gross weight 240 kg
Electrical engine:
– type Sg904S
– power 1,5 kW
– revolutions 1415 obr/min
– voltage 400 V
Conductor lengh:
– from engine to switch 0,4 m
– from switch to plug-in 1 m
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