Concrete mixer BWJ-160/230V

Professional concrete mixer BWJ-160 is intended for individual users and small companies to mix sand, cement, gravel, and water during renovation and construction works. Polish Besel engine with 1100 Watt capacity operating at 230 Volt and a cast iron rim with a sprocket ensure success in multitasking work. The total capacity of 160 liters, with its own weight of 94 kilograms and maintaining a compact size makes the BWJ-160 concrete mixer easy to transport and does not take up space when stored.

Type BWJ-160 unit of measurement
– height (H), 1400 mm
– width (W), 750 mm
– min. length (L1) 1460 mm
– max. length (L2) 1460 mm
Charge height 1080 mm
Discharge height 500 mm
Full capacity 160 dm3
Working capacity 110 dm3
External drum diameter 600 mm
Charge hole diameter 350 mm
Concrete mixer’s drum revolutions per minute 28 obr/min
Capacity 1,5 m3/h
Gross weight 94 kg
Electrical engine:
– type Sg80-4S
– power 1,1 kW
– revolutions 1415 obr/min
– voltage 230 V
Conductor lengh:
– from engine to switch 0,4 m
– from switch to plug-in 1 m
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